Sell Out. Bitcoin Trading Points (5)

Sell: now or up to $380.                    Take Profit: 350; 335; 315
Buy:380                     SL: 375                       TP: 385; 390

The BTC/USD price downtrend was confirmed last week with the Thursday daily candle sell signal after several days of consolidation. And although the Friday’s candle formed a doji suggesting some buying pull-back, this scenario looks off the table currently as the price keeps pushing down.


A nice downtrend channel has formed there with some minor support/resistance in the middle (now somewhere around $350). If broken we can see a brief spike to $310 very soon.



Trading fiat scamcoins?
Strong: Usd, Cad
Weak: Jpy, Eur


DAX: choppy zone, somewhat bullish
DJ: bullish

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