Weekly trades

What a fool’s day today, was it? The USD/BTC price climbed more than 10% from the open. Wow. And this should only be a precursor of what we can expect in following weeks.
As regards this week trading, I regret now didn’t put up a points yesterday. I just thought of today as a quiet holiday break not realising banking in Japan not been affected. And of course as at the start of every week Mt.Gox opening and processing of a new accounts and buying orders reflected in an immediate price increase.
That is why I think the major move of this week is over, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t going some opportunities appear. Here is what can I see now:
Buy: 106.05   Stop loss: 103.00     Profit take: 110.00 or when you satisfy your greed.
Sell: Not a slightest reason to sell at or near the current level.
92.18    SL: 95.00    PT: 91.20;    87.20;
Now, prefer to buy of course, but as mentioned above, I don’t like catching up a running train. It means this point can work  the 2nd or 3rd time after some stop loss hits (though the stops are big enough, are they?) .
I would also like to see a correction down to 95-97 USD and then a bounce up. But as you know one’s wishes and assumptions are completely meaningless in any market:)

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