And Bitcoin Obituary No. 89 Belongs to…Mike Hearn

So Mike Hearn has gone (really?). Who cares except the Wallstreet presstitutes? It’s good news for bitcoin and very good news for R3 also. Though banksters have to find yet another agent who would try to constantly smash bitcoin blockchain with fork-hammer, centralize it first and then destroy it. Be sure they are working hard on that.

There have been indices something like that might be going on, now we are sure. Especially after Hearn’s emotional farewell. A “benevolent dictator” has failed in his mission and returns to the hole. His statement “Bitcoin has failed” is gonna make it for obituary number 89 in the long list of infamous “Bitcoin is dead” announcements.

Meanwhile bitcoin speculation business as usual. The suckers are selling “negative” news while long-time acquirers buying.