Big Support Testing. Weekly Trades (36)

There hasn’t been a weekly close below $400 since last November. After big run up three sell out attacks occurred at this level but the price always managed to bounce up. Pay attention during these days…

Sell: 472 or below today’s low       Stop-loss: 505     Take Profit: 450; 430; 420
Buy:  505                                    Stop-loss: 480     Take Profit: 520; 530; 545

Almost there! Again. Weekly Trades (35)

A brief look at the choppiness indicator: Yes, we are almost there, but let’s not to jinx it this time! Will the price shoot up or down? It doesn’t matter when you are a trader exploiting this volatility.

Buy: 516    Stop-loss: 495     Take Profit: 545; 555
Sell: 480        SL: 495            TP: 470; 460

Bearish As Hell. Weekly Trades (34)

Some descent volatility is back, let’s hope it’s not only a one week shot into the dark . One simply must prefer selling when below 550.

Sell: 485         SL: 530          TP: 440; 420
Buy: 525     Stop-loss:496      Take Profit: 545; 575

Back to selling mode. Weekly Trades (31)

So some minor push down happened finally last week and it seems traders prefer selling right now. Though it should be slowly moving.

What I can see at the chart is descenting channel from the start of this month so I would change my usual trading strategy and wait for a push up to some 610-620 and then sell. It offers less risk than selling below the current level and hoping for a major sell out. But in case the correction up won’t realize I’m prepared to go short below $580 (or 588) with SL at 604.

Sell: 610-620    Stop-loss: 635     Take Profit: 580; 565