Why traders love bitcoin: BTC offers highest return

A seasoned trader (from Reddit):

“I have been in stocks almost 15 years and there is nothing that gave me more return on investment than bitcoins so far. The only thing that will disrupt it would be a major technological glitch. Think of bitcoin right now as gold when it was $1 per ounce. And by the way.. I sold my gold right before Kuwait was invaded… You just dont know with these things… Just invest and sit on it without emotions.”

“If people are wondering where the price will go watch the european bond market. If bonds become more expensive people will look for places like bitcoins to put it. I am sure wealthy individuals are starting to look into it to put at least part of their portfolios into bitcoins just to do some risk hedging.”

Why traders love bitcoin: BTC offers highest return

Market makers to add liquidity

As a trader, do you think that proprietary trading firms / market makers will start to trade bitcoins in high volume in the near future?

“If there is a spread they can make money off most certainly.. its a very simple calculation… if there are enough suckers who will buy or sell bitcoin on a big markup then there will be market makers to give that liquidity.”

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