Bitcoin Unlimited (Bugs Unlimited) je rovnaký vtip ako Bitcoin XT

Stačí na chvíľu pustiť twitter stream a hneď má človek jasnejšie v niektorých veciach, ktorým až tak dobre nerozumie:

“The final psychopathic suicide of Bitcoin Unlimited has just happened; they’ve gone closed source. Only a madman would run their client.”

Brian Hoffman‏
“I seriously wonder if companies will run BU knowing it has known defects if it’s the longer chain. This is a problem to consider”

The Big Bitcoin Short

“I think there’s less than 10% chance of a hard fork anytime soon. I might be wrong of course, but I’m not worried. Honey badger will survive”

Samson Mow‏
“In the event BU forks off, as long as the economy stays with BTC, miners will be back to the BTC chain before the difficulty even retargets.”

Xinxi Wang‏
“BU just crashed again! It’s a shame that I signed the letter to support Bitcoin Unlimited for better decentralisation a few months ago.”

“BTU is now fully closed source, experiencing even more bugs, losing nodes by the hundreds in the last hour. This is just the beginning.”
Oleg Andreev‏
“Worry no more, Bitcoin fork won’t happen because of BU. BU is a fucking joke.”
“Needs repeating…
Users: If you hold bitcoin and there is a HF, you will now own bitcoin on both forks. You don’t need to do anything.”

Samson Mow‏
“Satoshi removed the shackles. If you just blindly follow any longest chain, you’re putting the shackles back on. Stand up for #Bitcoin.”

Samson Mow‏
“I’m watching a mining WeChat group, listening to the China BU team trying to explain how BU works and everyone is WTF. 😂”