It’s here finally! Weekly Trades (23)

The long time awaited market set-up could be here. The choppiness indicators are just about to break above resp. below the choppiness zones and that means good profit opportunities. The price has risen a lot in the last days so we could see some pull-back as approaching the next important resistance zone of $720-750.

I think there will be testing first before the possible pull-back. Or pull-back first and then shooting through the resistance as today’s candle looks quite bearish:)

Buy: 658       Stop-loss: 640     Take Profit: 700; 710; 720;
Sell: 617      SL: 650            TP: 595; 580


Switching To Buying Mode. Weekly Trades (22)

When you don’t expect something to happen at all it will occur and vice-versa. That’s a brief characteristics of the last week’s price action. As I stated a few posts ago we might have seen the bottom and this conviction is now even stronger.

After three weeks of choppy action we got a big move, that’s how every market works. Now this price rise should continue and a small or big fight is expected at major this year down trendline.

Trendline or no-trendline (if you watch more charts and exchanges some show a break already, others not) price action is what decides. After breaking $550 the price makes new highs and there’s potential to further rise somewhere near $700. This new up-trend would be endangered only if the price goes back below $430. I think it is a history.

Buy: now or down to 530    Stop-loss: 514    Take Profit: 640; 690
Sell: 520                            SL: 545             Take Profit: 480

I would be very careful with selling right now.